361 Tea Garden Café with Baker's Van

(361 Tea Garden Café with Baker's Van)
Klasyka LEGO: MOC 90029 361 Tea Garden Café with Baker's Van - 361 Tea Garden Café with Baker's Van Klasyka LEGO: MOC 90029 361 Tea Garden Café with Baker's Van - 361 Tea Garden Café with Baker's Van
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Klasyka LEGO
Klasyka LEGO
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Klasyka LEGO
Miejsce: 20Km from Paris, France
Dołączył: 2015, lis 15
Widziany: 16d 13h
2016, maj 19 14:07
Klasyka LEGO

This MOC is a minifig-sized update of the 1974's 361 Tea Garden Café set, that was at the 1975 figure-scale, so not compatible with 1978 minifigure. This project began in 2014 and I finally got the two last parts of this creation a week ago, these were the 1x4x3 blue panels. I respacted the original set's components, so red fences, outdoor tables and chairs, a pine tree and the van. The small right part of the building, I placed the stove, to make baguettes (hey, I'm French!) and small cookies. In the downstairs is the selling surface with a table, and on the floor is the baker's home. I printed custom stickers (3 in total) similar to the original set ones. The van itself is a simple vehicle, vith a high roof, to deliver bread to others shops.

Downstairs, there is the shop part of the building, with the stove, display cases to show delicious cakes, the counter with small display in and a cash register, and the bread furniture that can hold 4 baguettes. There is also a table and seat to drink tea indoor. On the first floor, there is baker's home, with a bed and nighttable and a lamp, the kitchen (similar to 6372 house) and a table.

Vehicle and accesories
The vehicle is a blue van, with high roof, rear doors to load bread and boxes of cake. There are two mugs, a pan, two boxes, 4 baguettes (accurate to Classic Town era because of first appeared in 1982 in Fabuland theme), a sign with a cake and writings (can be replaced by an arrow), six cakes, a white TV antenna and three minifigures, the baker, the delivery man and a customer.

The scenery presents 6388 house along with this creation, a modification of 6364 Paramedic Unit's car, 6590's blue car and a custom bus stop.
2016, maj 19 14:07 (33 miesięcy, 13 dni temu) przez Evans
2018, sty 30 22:04 (12 miesięcy, 22 dni temu) przez Evans
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