350 Spanish Villa

(350 Spanish Villa)
Klasyka LEGO: MOC 90036 350 Spanish Villa - 350 Spanish Villa Klasyka LEGO: MOC 90036 350 Spanish Villa - 350 Spanish Villa
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Klasyka LEGO
Klasyka LEGO
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Klasyka LEGO
Miejsce: 20Km from Paris, France
Dołączył: 2015, lis 15
Widziany: 6M 10d
2016, lip 21 22:15
This project began in 2014 and was finally achieved this year, the pictures taken in May. This building is the third from a serie of MOCs where I update old models from 60's and 70's to Town's rules, the first in presented in 2015 was LEGO-368-1 Taxi Station from 1976, the second was LEGO-361-1 Tea Garden from 1974 and today is LEGO-350-1 Spanish Villa from 1971. I've kept all the features of the set like the stairs, the tree and the arches. The only major modification to the set's design is the ground floor, there was a fence and I've put a window to enclose this space.

We'll begin with the garden. It has all the basic features for a Town thee house: the mailbox, the trees, the bin and flowers. There are two minifigures, a man with a white cap and a girl with a blue T-Shirt and red hair.
In the ground floor, it's not a real room, it's more a storage area to store the bin, a broom and a shovel to keep the house clean and to keep this rare yellow bike securely. The habitants can also park a car under the arch. I've also added a house nomber with a 1x1 printed brick.
In the first floor is the kitchen fully furnished, with a coffée machine, table and chair. There is also a terrace with an umbrella and a deck chair to profite of the sun.
As you may have noticed, unfortunately, there is not ant bedroom or any bed, and the original set do not offers me this possibility to add another room to this house.

In this scenery is my 361 recreation, the taxi from my 368 recreation, LEGO-6651-1 post van and 6388-1: Dom-wakacyjny-z-kempingiem car. If my background would have been bigger, I would have placed my 368 Taxi Station.
2016, lip 21 22:15 (48 miesięcy, 10 dni temu) przez Evans
2018, sty 30 21:56 (29 miesięcy, 22 dni temu) przez Evans
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