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Klasyka LEGO
Klasyka LEGO
2017, lis 18 16:27

Yes, I am very happy with this haul, its colour scheme is awesome;)  Last year, I saw one on the Ebay Kleinanzeigen site (Germany), but it was way too expensive.

I have been looking for this set for over a year now. The minimum starting bid was 70€ and there still weren’t any bids. The buy-it-now price was 95€, so I said to myself “Okay, it’s now or never!”

I have a couple of grey and white antennas; these were included in some BASIC sets I bought a year ago for extra parts.

Excellent full review of this set, the alternative builds look great too!  

Do you have the box as well?

That stickers-sheet looks like an original Lego sheet, nice work:) I have the Paramedic Unit twice, both with the original stickers. On one, the stickers are in bad condition, on the other, the stickers are OK.

That 1687 box looks quite rare, dd you make a review of that one too?

Klasyka LEGO
2017, lis 18 19:11
zmodyfikowany: 2017, lis 18 19:14
It's not only the color scheme that is awesome, it's how the set was designed. If you "close" it, it makes a nice warehouse. This set is perfect open or closed. I would really love to see the prototypes they made to finish with this version. Germans were lucky to be able to buy it, along with 6383.

Unfortunately, I do not have the box, as it was for my birthday, we had to find one quickly, and I did not find one with box at good price, even one with box... It's hard to find one with box. However, I got 6383 with box in bad condition (missing inner box and folded). But I've taken care of it and it now looks better than when it arrived.

It's my fourth sheet since 2015. and as my skills improved, I now make stickers very close to the original. And it's cheaper (in money) than buying reproductions. But it's very costly in time, but this give me the great opportunit, to change myself size, colors and so on. So I think it worth the monthes passed working on it... I now have a "library" of more than 500 different stickers (offician and creation). Very useful to restore sets when original stickers are missing.
Paramedic Unit has so fine stickers, the agenda and the eye-test are so detailled... These were very good stickers for the era!

1687 was, to my knowledge, not (widely) sold in Europe, so it's more common in the US. But I know a Scandinavian version that a French purchased. He made a review on the biggest French Lego forum. It was a MISB set...
I will make a review at the very end of the year, I still do not have a lot of time.
Klasyka LEGO
2017, lis 23 18:49
Here's the seller picture of the poster I'e ordered, along with a lot of other papers... And in fact... paper is not cheap at all...
This poster is a German, released at Winter 1997 fot the Lego World Club. I represents a christmas scene with a Town look, althought it was gthe beginning of juniorized sets. I hope it will worth the price I've spent on delivery...

I'm also looking for making my first order of unrealeased parts. I have to finalize my order, and I should make it next week. There will be some green parts and other Dk Gray parts.
Klasyka LEGO
2017, lis 23 20:44
Wow, awesome poster! There is a lot going on there! Be sure to make some close-up photos when you got it:)

It reminds me of the inner flaps of the LEGO Advent Calenders (see attachments). These pictures are internet downloads.

I discovered that LEGO has some nice wallpapers on their website (free download):
Klasyka LEGO
2017, lis 23 22:53
Oh Ben, you are bringing me sweet memories! I recieve the City Advent Calendar since 2006, this year, it will be 11 years... You know, these things have changed a lot. At the beginning, the builds were nice things to add to your existing City, I loved it, having a phone boothor a mechanic table in 2006 (love them!), or having a pallet transporter in 2009, or a lot of toys in 2010. Things changed in 2011, when a lot of winter items were put at the place of things that could be added to the City. The advent Calendar, were not a "Big City add-on pack", it was just a thing to add to the winter village. The last "good" one was 2011 one with it's Police Station that was built in 4 days. I woiuld love to get a 2005 City calendar, I had a Playmobil one this year. So much memories...

As a kid, I opened the doors, as anyone, but since 3 years, I cut the side tape to avoid opening them. I was always sad to throw the Nevertheless, I always kept the part without the doors, but since 2010, these are just playing space (in 2009 too, but it was much better). So it reduce the layout surface. I always loved 2007 onbe, with all those Tr.Clear parts that I dod not know where they came from at the time. I got my answer later, they came from Billund's treasaures of unrealeased parts. By the was, keeping the Avdent calendars is rather difficult, because nothing can be placed inside. So each year, I worry about where storing them... I'm asking this question this year too...

Don't mind about pictures, you'll get very close ones. :) Poster was shipped today, so I should recieve it in a few days. So be prepared to see it the next weekend (not this one).
Klasyka LEGO
2017, gru 16 14:10
I have another order of some rare parts that should arrive next week, and I've found 6692 Lego truck boxed, along with 6606 for only 10 euros. I will also buy a boxed Technic motor for 15€, along with some bulk parts.

By the way, what will Santa bring you under the tree? :)
Klasyka LEGO
2017, gru 16 18:34
Nice loot Evans! Two small classic sets with box. You have to make review of them now and do some photos of the boxes!
I have bought myself a nice present for christmas. I will post some photos when it arrives :)
Klasyka LEGO
2017, gru 16 22:22
In fact, when I've seen the advertising in the website (a website in which ayone puts everything for sale), I thought it would be already sold at this price, but when I called the man, I was very happy. Moreover, I will get some nice 70's parts like a low trailer, a Police cantilever sign or even a red conveyor belt! It's just missing the stand and base (I already have a red stand, I will have to order the base part). The package should arrive before Christmas.
I have some ideas, like updating 370 police station, or 360 gravel quarry. I hope having time... and parts to do this...

For Christmas, I only bought modern sets, to avoid being too late after these are discontinued. There are two modulars (Detective Office and Parisian Restaurant), the City Cargo center and bus station. Personnaly, I think the bus looks crap, and the cargo center is way too small, but I had them for half the retail price. So I took them. I will confirm these thoughts after Christmas... :)
I only buy such new sets for Christmas, these are civillian sets, as these could be useful to make a City layout, like when I was younger. Rescue sets are crap (I already have 2005 Police and fire stations), and for "Great Vehicles" subtheme, I will buy them used after studies, so in a good half-decade... :) I got City square last Christmas, and as I sold the horrible tramway to a friend, so I was able to purchase the rare 1985 Cargo center some monthes later.
As I have all modulars since 2007, I can't stop collection now... The rest of the year, I only buy old things, I largely prefer these.
That makes me remember that I will have to make a 1687 review after my exam... After busy studying, busy building! First have to come back to studies... :)
Klasyka LEGO
2017, gru 17 21:34
zmodyfikowany: 2017, gru 17 21:38
Hi guys!

I already present you my Xmas present, so we can spread the discussion about our presents:-)

It is a big Classic Space collection from Ebay. It only contains sets which I did not have, so it fits perfectly in my Space collection:))
When the package arrives, I will make a big Space scenery with all my sets including the Monorail. 

This is the text from the advertisement:

This is a very large collection of used Lego from the years 1979 to 1982. Everything is used, but in good condition, there are (except for a tiny exception) NO broken parts (not even the antenna of the Space Station !! ), only one holder at 6929 is broken (see photo 6), but it is not that big. In detail, the collection consists of:

891 space glider

918 Space Transport (without instructions)

6801 Moon buggy

6821 Shovel buggy

6822 Digger Shuttle

6842 Shuttle Craft

6844 Seismobil

6870 Space Probe Launcher

6890 Cosmic Cruiser

6927 All-Terrain Vehicle

6929 Starfleet Voyager

6950 Rocket Transporter

6970 Beta I Command Base (without instructions)

and 2 more plates with craters and 2 additional males (1x red, 1x white) from sets that I could not reconstruct.


Attention: four parts are missing: Set 6950: the 2 yellow hinges on the rocket (replaced by simple yellow parts, see photo 5), the blue hinge (set 4) in Set 6844 and the control jets in Set 6844 (Picture 9 ). But these can be bought at ebay or lego or something similar

I am looking forward to see your Xmas gifts!  
Enjoy your Holidays!

Klasyka LEGO
2017, gru 17 22:54
Congrats Ben, that is so nice! I love classic space sets. They are so functional, durable, stable and well designed. I have couple of sets from first Space era too, although majority of my Space sets are M-Trons and Blackthrons (got almost all!).
I have LEGO-6950-1 rocket transporter too and I was surprised by its functional wheels. Thanks to them this vehicle overcome obstacles in such a smooth way. Impressive and so simple usage of universal technic bricks. Most of the space vehicles and buildings have some nice hidden functionalities. Thats the best in it.
Maybe you would like to make some scenery with proper land and background to post it in Clabrisic Sceneries? :) Feel free to do so!
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