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Klasyka LEGO
Klasyka LEGO
2017, lis 26 12:39
Hah, awesome bridge you put together Ben!
White color can be a bit odd for a bridge, as most of the concrete constructions were grey in Town sceneries. It is not that important though, it looks great!
I like the background too, it shows you have some practice in it.
Now you need to make some Town and hills to connect to :)
Klasyka LEGO
2017, lis 27 21:41
zmodyfikowany: 2017, lis 27 22:10
Thank you both for your compliments! I was considering using grey bricks, but I did not have enough to make two arches..
I was thinking about hills too, hills partly made of DUPLO bricks, for the core and normal bricks for the finishing touch:) Do you have experience with this technique? 

There are a lot of nice ideas in those pre-1978 Idea Books.

Right now and in Q1 2018, it is very busy in the office where I work because people ask us to fill in their tax returns and their annual accounts. Furthermore,
I have continuous education to stay a tax advisor and other hobbies, like tennis, cycling etc. but my goal for 2018 is to build a nice big scenery:)

Meanwhile, I will show you my purchases and my permanent builds that are in boxes.

Today, I bought another very rare LEGO board game from the 80s on Ebay.de.  This is the text from the seller:

"Absolutely rare Lego game from the 80s. High quality brush with pony hair. Complete with all 21 model cards. The model cards are still preserved as an intact bow (not yet separated).
Beautifully designed, large playing field 42 x 42 cm
The game instructions are located on the back of the playing field
I ship the pitch knickety packed."

Klasyka LEGO
2017, lis 30 12:20
zmodyfikowany: 2017, lis 30 12:22
Nice poster again! I hope you won't break those cards, it would be too bad. Anyway, I hope you will make us good pictures. :)
Mine is arrived, so when I will be back home tomorrow, I will take pictures of it.

For Duplo bricks, good idea, on the only layout thaty contained a hill, I used dirty and chewed system bricks. So the two structures can be used.
Klasyka LEGO
2017, lis 30 21:14
Duplo or not, you can always use more destroyed bricks with different color inside and better ones with proper color outside.
I do not have enough bricks to make hills too, but I would think twice about such design. The better one is to make modeled hill, this is the classic style :)
Plaster hills are a bit problematic, but I usually try to make paper hills. Nevertheless, to do not lost that realistic feel I would choose paper land.

Those games are great! Such a nice idea to play with a kid. Thanks for this, I would not even know that such thing exists.
Please post new topic for new things Ben, so we can go back to those great findings in some time. It will be hard to find anything if we will post everything in one topic.
If you have something new just hit add topic button. Do not worry :) Lets try to talk about one thing in one topic.
Klasyka LEGO
2017, gru 2 11:34
Personnally, I prefer brick-built hills because of the fact it's easy to store (dismantling) and it's very flexible, so once you've purchased the bricks, you can change your hill, making it higher, or wider, or you can even build it into a valley. So this is very easy to reuse. I'm searching for cheap 2x4 green bricks, so when I will find more, I will be able to build more landscapes with different levels.

I finally recieved my poster. It's very nice, as it's showing a christmas scenery, which is unusual in Town era. There are nice buildings, especially the Lego factory (look at the Legoland colors on the chimney). Even the vehicles are not so bad compared to what was availlable in 1997. The thing that is very odd is that presents are not printed! nor stickered! But these are hand-drawn, with a pen! It's very surprising! I've also spotted some parts that were never released, sch as the 4x8x6 roof part and the 2x4 double slopes 45° that were not released at that time too.
One thing I don't know is the "Total" sign ont the  white and blue building. There is a money-pig on the print, but what does is refers to?
Klasyka LEGO
2017, gru 2 15:07
zmodyfikowany: 2017, gru 2 15:18
That's a beautiful wintertime poster, very rare too, since I cannot find anything similar on Google or BrickLink!  

- awesome light/dark effect!
- it looks like a Canadian or an American town, since I see a lot of cowboy hats;
- the white bricks as extra snow on the roofs look great!
- funny that there is not any snow on the factory:) those are light grey plates and bricks right? 
- funny too: the ghost and the skeleton on the roofs;
- I wonder what materials were used for the mountains in the background;
- the trees on the mountain are not made of Lego, are they?
- the snow looks like powdered sugar, isn't it?
- what Lego parts are the golden music instruments?
- the Total/money-pig looks like a custom sticker. I guess it is a bank or shopping mall:)


For my white bridge, I will make brickbuilt hills to lenghten the railway/road. For the background though, I prefer paper hills.  

I will not break the card of my vintage board game. I think it is unique:)
Klasyka LEGO
2017, gru 2 18:42
Great scenery, it definitely has christmas atmosphere. I like it especially that it is good old classic style with reasonable presentation and modeled land. Awesome! By reasonable I mean no flying santa-cars as it was pretty common in newer presentations since 1995 ;)

@Evans, can you please post such findings in separate topic?
It is starting to get messy here. It would be nice to be able to view such posters without going through milions of posts in one topic.
Klasyka LEGO
2017, gru 2 21:24
I love that poster! In fact, the seller had it on Bricklink since 2013!
I love the atmosphere too. It's both warm and cold. In fact, the American Cow-boy hats were a common partin Town sets in 80's, but as Western sets were released a year before, it's normal to see them in number. Yes, factory is made of Lt.Grey parts. I believe the mountain were built as a model railroad maker would do, with polystyrene or melted paper, and painted. Trees are model trees, so not Lego. For snow, it caught me when I looked at it! it's a very thin powder, il looks like flur  or maybe a special model snow.
The music instruments are very recent parts (for this poster), there are the Western bugle and the truck horn parts. It's a nice pattern this Total sign. That's what I thought.

For sugh a bridge, I think a brick-built slope is the best solution Did you see my layout with a bridge and a hill?
For the background, paper is the best, I don't like brick-built ones.
Klasyka LEGO
2017, gru 3 21:55
You mean that nice bridge scenery at
right? Yes, that is a cute small layout:)
- I count 4 parrots, yellow, red, light grey and grey, correct?
- how did you make that camp fire in the dusk/night picture (last photo), Photoshop?
- that fence looks jumpable for those horses; you could add some 1x1 brown plates in their meadow to resemble their droppings:) 
- you needed a lot of green bricks to make that hill, bridge and raised terrain, right? I think some Duplo bricks could have saved you a lot of bricks in that scenery!  
Klasyka LEGO
2017, gru 8 10:49
Sorry, I forgot your message. :)

Yes, that was this one for the way I built the hill. For parrots, there are two Dk. grays. :) For the campfire, it was made with Photoshop, the same for the lights. I did not think about that for horses, that would be a funny detail.
You could alternate between Duplo and System, as the two are compatible, you could leave some Duplo studs that can be seen, it could create a nice effect.
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