My first classic space scenery!

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Klasyka LEGO
Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 10 09:48
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@Evans  Thanks! 

In order to make the airship fly, I used transparant yarn of synthetic textile fibres, some ducktape, a thin steel bar and a standing lamp. I put a loop in the cord and tied the other ends. I did this twice. The first cord was looped at about 2/5 below the airship and the other at about 4/5 below the airship. In some pictures, I photoshopped the wire because it was visible/lit by the lamp.
Of course, one can use the same technique in a town layout to make planes and helicopters "fly". I will do that when I have time for a big town scenery.
Btw in that town scene I will mainly use MOC/costum models, because I think is the essence of LEGO! Costum models in classic space theme are still a bit tricky for me though, since I do not have enough parts to do that. Besides, I find about 40% of the official classic space sets not good enough to spend my money on (except for the parts). For classic town sets, that percentage is only 5%! 
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