Tłumaczenie na angielski

2015, maj 3 20:20
Klasyka LEGO
Tłumaczenie na angielskiWstęp
Recently, I started making website translation system for clabrisic.pl. There is still a lot to do, but a few basic texts are already translated!
Rozwinięcie artykułu
Polish language is difficult one and not many foreign peoples knows it. Google Translator is excellent tool,  but it cuts out css gradient definitions and page looks terrible. It can block some functionalities based on JS as well. Thats why I decided to make my own translation system for Spidron Framework, used here on clabrisic.pl website. English is probably the simpliest language ever created and it is excellent for communication with other nationalities, because lots of people knows it or at least partially understands it!
Lego is known world wide. I simply want anyone of you to be able to see my work and understand it, because you know Lego Vintage sets as well and probably couple of you visiting clabrisic.pl have the same sentiment for those sets as I have. In some time you won't need google translator to view this page fully.
Panel with Lego Sets review has been mainly translated. Couple of texts on the main page as well. 
English language should be default for any foreign visitor, because I have made detection based on your "accept language" tag sent by your browser. If you are not from Poland and your default language is not english, please let me know. 
You can choose language in left top corner of the website logo. There is a small country flag icon. 

More translation coming soon. So far I have translated static texts mainly, but I have in plans making data translation as well. Writing data translation I mean translating reviews and gallery image descriptions. 

Visit clabrisic.pl when you can, and you will see changes shortly!

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