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Canada - Downtown

2018, lut 10 10:16
Projektant scenerii:
Klasyka LEGO
Miejsce: 20Km from Paris, France
Dołączył: 2015, lis 15
Widziany: 7M 11d
This layout was built in order to present LEGO-104-1 truck. This is my first snowy layout. I learned that there are many many large white plates needed to give the scene a good effect. After having bought enough supply, I felt ready to buind such a layout.
I wanted typical Canadian buildings, to fit the truck. So I've reproduced a Canadian post office, with a clock and some facade details. There is also a loading bay in order for the van to load mail inside. Then, I wanted a typical Canadian house, so I've taken a good amount of inspiration to make something typical. I've made a roof that was near the ones seen in Canada. The buildings on the right of the main picture are inspired by many main streets all across the Canada, but I inspired me more on buildings from Québec province. That's why "flowers" and "grocery" writings are in French language. You can note the flower shop front which uses an unusual technique, with a door placed at an unusual angle, to make an interesting old shop front.
On the sidewalk, there are some people walking, and a worker which is removing snow. I've also made yellow traffic lights, as it's usual in Canada.
2017, lis 12 20:09 (33 miesięcy, 12 dni temu) przez Evans
2018, lut 10 10:24 (30 miesięcy, 13 dni temu) przez Evans
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