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Industrial part - Danone factory

2016, lip 24 12:16
Projektant scenerii:
Klasyka LEGO
Miejsce: Domont, Île-de-France, France
Dołączył: 2015, lis 15
Widziany: 1d 7h
I've made this scenery in order to show my Danone Truck MOC in situation. I've recently recieved an order and finally got the inspiration I lacked before. I wanted to show also others sets in the same category like 1989 LEGO-1952-1 MD Foods Milk tank truck and 1990 LEGO-1581-1 Arla refrigerated truck. Those are not originals ones, I've reconstructed them with my bulk, and I could finish 1581 only in the last days, with those not so common white 1x5x4 doors, after 5 years of pieces hunting (yes, since 2011...). I think it worth the hint as those trucks are very nice, it's a shame that it stayed as promotionnal sets and didn't came in the assortment. I also finally got in my order a 1x4x3 window frame in Lt grey in order to make a Maersk container.

In this scenery, there are the two Lego's trucks and my Danone Truck MOC. I've built two industrial buildings, a Danone building, using two 1x4 Danone printed bricks, one in the building and one as a sign. I wanted to give a badly maintained look with abandonned Shell oil drums, bins and garbages, an old Stop sign, a stray dog and some flowers stems as grass through the concrete. I've also made lampposts that looked more industrial. The second building is a blue factory.
When I removed vehicles, I liked the look of the scene, it gave a disturbing look to it. Nobody, a dirty place, a stray dog... That's the reason of the third picture.
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2016, lip 24 12:16 (28 miesięcy, 10 dni temu) przez Evans
2017, paź 13 11:17 (13 miesięcy, 14 dni temu) przez Rogdush
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