Countryside - Bridge over the river
2018, sty 24 23:28
This layout was made in order to present LEGO-6533-1 police 4x4 from 1992. This is the first layout on which I experienced building some elevated terrain. At first, I wanted to build another hill at the place of the river, but I did see too big compa...
Classic part - Hospital
2017, gru 24 17:32
{gal_image:legoscene_small_Hospital::img001.jpg} This layout was made to present the prototype 380 Hospital from 1979. It was rebuilt from the pictures availlable, but it will be presented later. This layout is situated between 1979 and 1981, with ea...
Industrial part - Foundry
2017, gru 8 11:12
{gal_image:legoscene_small_Foundry::img001} This scenery was built it order to present 6686 Backhoe set from 1984. So this layout contains mainly parts from the mid 80's to stay era-accurate. I wanted to include the backhoe in something different fro...
Industrial part - Harbor
2016, sie 29 13:24
This scenery was in my head since I got all those pier plates, more than one year ago. And I finally used this scenery to present my recent Harbor Shunting Truck creation. I had to design a boat, as I didn't wanted to use the ships from the two 1991 ...
Industrial part - Danone factory
2016, lip 24 12:16
I've made this scenery in order to show my Danone Truck MOC in situation. I've recently recieved an order and finally got the inspiration I lacked before. I wanted to show also others sets in the same category like 1989 LEGO-1952-1 MD Foods Milk tank...
Castle Memorial
2016, lip 8 00:00
I've made this scenery some weeks ago, after the anouncement of Daniel Krentz (1937-2016) death. He was a very talentous designer who made a legendary set: LEGO-375-1 Yellow Castle. This set represents the Castle line itself from its beginning. I've ...
Airport - Outside road
1970, sty 1 01:00
Alternatywne konstrukcje
Industrial part - Quarry
1970, sty 1 01:00
Alternatywne konstrukcje
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