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Klasyka LEGO
Klasyka LEGO
2017, paź 22 13:44

I present you this poster released in 1978 for a contest in order to win 182 train. An 20.000 first persons who send a letter would recieve a Lego driving license.

There is an interesting layout made with underscaled pre-1978 buildings. There are all 1978 sets from the new Town system.

In this topic, you can post all the official layouts that were made by Lego.
Klasyka LEGO
2017, paź 22 17:23
zmodyfikowany: 2017, paź 22 17:24
Cute layout!  These are the first minifigs with movable arms and legs, aren't they?  The cars were too small to fit a minifig in.

I have added another French layout of classic 12V LEGO.

Klasyka LEGO
2017, paź 23 08:58
Nice sceneries. I have saw couple of those sceneries from the beggining of the 80s, when not much of the normal buildings have been released and they had to use old underscaled models.
It could be a nice challenge to reconstruct such scenery with properly scaled buildings recreations, as you have already made Evans with 90029-1: 361 Tea Garden Café with Baker's Van or 90036-1: 350 Spanish Villa.
Ben, you have posted something new, I never seen this one before. Can you have it in higher resolution? Nice 12V train scenery!

Klasyka LEGO
2017, paź 23 19:25
Glad you like this scenery too, Rogdush! The original picture of this 1981 French advertisment can be viewed at this website with dozens of classic LEGO and other toy brands advertisements: 


Klasyka LEGO
2017, paź 23 19:51
This poster is from 1978 (contest was ending in March '78), so it's one of the first minifig-scale layouts.

Neither did I knew this ad. This is a very nice one. Was it a part of a magazine? Because it's not said in the website. By the way, there are fantastic ads! Very good!

Hey Rogdush, I have some other reconstructions planned to add to my creations, these are still in WIP, I just need parts... especially a conveyor belt...

I will post this weekend the "ultimate" Town layout made in 1989... full of MOCs made by Lego. A concentrate of what could be done back then when having enough parts. It can be seen in an american film which I don't know the name. I saw this one time on Euroobricks. Keep on. :)
Klasyka LEGO
2017, paź 29 10:42
zmodyfikowany: 2017, paź 29 10:59
Here's the "ultimate" layout I promised. It was released along with 1952 Dairy Truck from year 1989. This layout is a concentrate of what  is the late 80's Lego Town. There are a lot of interesting things, you can stand hours watching at this. It was in a booklet in which you had to cut pictures on from your milk package to glue it in your album. It was about road safety. This is not mine, I discovered it on brickshelf in 2013, so all credits have to go to this person. You can notice the expensive yellow 6-panes doors from 6391 in... big quantities... as well as white ones. Also note the big number of green plates to make grass over the roadplates, green plates were very unusual at that time.

Those pictures are very big, so save them in your computer and zoom on it to appreciate them.

Good watching!
Klasyka LEGO
2017, paź 29 12:27
Thanks for sharing this excellent big layout with us! It has indeed a lot of really nice details, such as: 
- the green baseplates/plates to create grass as you mentioned;
- the brick built red cows (why red?), hills and trees;
- the pond with the duck and kids;
- the black traffic lights and street lampposts;
- the flats, especially the yellow one with the staircase;
- funny how 1 flat is on fire and most of the minifigs in town are not alarmed by this:) 

Just 1 critical remark: the design of the two 6 stud wide red buses is a bit simple.
Nonetheless an outstanding layout! 
Klasyka LEGO
2017, paź 29 12:36
Yes, I liked the way the fire was made. It's interesting, but I don't have enough 1x2 Tr.Red bricks. Traffic lights are too simple for me. What I love are the brick-built trees, with black trunk anf leaves. The towers are nice, but it needs too much parts, I tried a while ago to make such buildings, but I quickly ran out of bricks.
Yeah, buses are very bad to my eyes. 6W does not fit well, and those are too big and ugly. They should have made 4 wide ones.
Klasyka LEGO
2017, lis 10 20:26
Today, I received the same 1978 poster that you started this topic with. My poster is the Dutch version:)  bought it along with the Trees and Flowers set 6305:)
Klasyka LEGO
2017, lis 11 01:47
Heck, I've missed that post of yours Evans, this is soo great layout there!!!
Unique for real. This is the first time I see multiple floor block of flats. This is so great. It is so hard to build such construction because of serious lack of windows and doors. They are pretty expensive and rare to get in loots. I am unsure if I would be able to create even one now, though I have thousands and thousands of bricks.
I like it! Excellent and unique layout. I wonder why they havent released at least one block of flats. It would be just enough to make it as one of the bigger sets like 6394 parking loot. It would be so groundbreaking to have a set of that type. To be able to place couple of those blocks to each other like the cottage or other holiday house like 6349.
Thanks Evans for that photos!
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