My first classic space scenery!

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Utworzony: 2018, sty 7 10:56
Klasyka LEGO
Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 7 10:56
Hi everybody!

Here are the pictures of my first classic space scenery, enjoy:)) 

@Rogdush, I did not know how to upload to the space sceneries. Can you transfer these pictures to the space sceneries section?
Many thanks!

PS I could not fit all my classic space sets in this scenery, due to lack of space, like the 6990-1: Monorail Transport System and the 6971-1: Inter-Galactic Command Base. 
Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 7 11:00
part 2
Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 7 11:07
part 3!
Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 7 11:11
part 4!
Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 7 11:15
part 5!
Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 7 11:19
final part!

Thank you for watching!
Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 7 12:38
Wow! Awesome scenery Ben! Although some of your pictures got blury :)
I like it. It is very nice. Love the background and flying spaceship. This is simply how any LEGO creation should be presented! Isn't that great?
That keeps such atmosphere of cosmic activity. Lots of nice sets you have there too. Awesome.

@Ben, please add this scenery by yourself, you have permissions to do it now. I have wrote you couple of instructions in private message.
Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 7 13:47
Glad you like it too!  

The background is a wallpaper called "Star Mist" (in Dutch: Sterrennevel). 

Thanks for the permissions and instructions. 

Right now, I have a tennis match coming up. Next weekend I will add the sharp pictures to the space sceneries section.

Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 7 14:25
No problem Ben.
If you have any questions, just send me a PM or write here. 
I think it is the best when scenery is added by author himself :) Remember, that you can always write some story/description with images floating just like the reviews are made on Clabrisic.

Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 8 15:07
This is a very good first Space layout! There are many nice sets displayed. The background is very good too, it gives a nice Classic Space look.

How is the flying spaceship standing, I see fishing rope, but how is it attached on the spaceship and how is it attached over the layout?

Seeing such a scenery, I wonder what you could achieve with a Town one!
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