Pictures of original Classic Space boxes!

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Klasyka LEGO
Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 10 12:01
In this section, I will post pictures of my original Classic Space boxes, enjoy!

First, set 6932, 5/10 pictures
Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 10 12:07
set 6932, 10/10 pictures
Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 10 12:15
set 6891, 5/10 pictures 
Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 10 12:20
set 6891, 10/10 pictures 
Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 11 10:31
You have nice boxes here, in good shape. You should present some of the alternative models of these sets on Clabrisic, that would be interesting. I only have one Classic Space box, it's a 1986 set, if I remember correctly, and it's not in as good condition as you.
Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 12 14:46
Yeah! I love classic boxes. I miss them so much now at shops brickwall.
Thanks for the pictures Ben. You have them in very good state. Those will be surely useful if any of us will make some review some time in the future :)
Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 13 11:32
I am pleased you guys like the boxes:)

@Evans can you post pictures of your 1986 set? Which set is it?

Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 13 18:51
You know, Ben, I like any old box I could see, it's always nice to see something that was intended to be thrown away having travelled through the time.
By the way, do Polish and Dutch boxes have such type of stickers on them indicating that this toy is safe for children and law abiding, as well as giving adress of Lego HQ?

The only Classic Space set I own with box, as far as I remember, is 6892, Modular Space Transport from 1986. I got it along with many spaceships four years ago on a yard sale. It's in very used condition, but it's nice to own it. Especially because I got instructions for this set in my childhood, and never was able to build it with my parts back then.

Here are the pictures attached.
Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 15 21:22
Fine little box Evans! I like that flying space craft on the back of the box best;)

I don't know about Poland, but here in the Netherlands, the LEGO boxes did not have warning or 'this toy is safe' stickers.
The Lego HQ's address etc was mentioned in the free catalogs, which were available at toy stores. Toys were tested by the government on their safety. Toys that were not safe did not make it to the shops. I have many other boxes as well, but they are of other LEGO themes, like town, trains, Technic, Basic and Model Team!
Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 17 08:02
Hello Ben,

When it comes to Poland, LEGO was not widely available in the 90s and it was very expensive. We were just out of communist system, which was very devastating. It is hard to get any box made for Poland from that period now, most of my boxes which I have are made for Germany. The situation is very different now, because we have lots of shops with LEGO. It is still expensive, but it is normal expensive. I havent seen any of such stickers on boxes made for Poland then or now to be honest. It seems that France did it differently :)`
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