Whitening bricks

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Klasyka LEGO
Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 24 22:23

I have created this topic to talk about whitening bricks, because this topic is pretty intereting.
AFOL BS is whitening using perchlorate (30% hydrogen peroxide), which I was using also. In connection with UV lamp it gives permanent solution. The problem is, that you can choose from variety of UV lamp types and that UV lamps are not that easy to buy.
I have ordered UV 8W T5 tube lamp made for aquarium with all the equipment and I am going to test it with perchlorate. I've got it with shiny background to reflect light well. It will be 30cm long, so I hope it will give some light and that this light will be enough and efficient. Buying UV lamp for fingernails and dismantle new thing just to get the lamp out do not really speaks to me. Yes, I've found the timer is the most annoying shit in those lamps. When it comes to UV - aquarium, fingernail and disco is the purpose for selling them currently. It is hard to get just a UV lamp in store with lights. I will let you know what will be the result of aqua UV lamp.

Lets keep the discussion here AFOL BS and Evans :)
Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 24 22:27
Couple of photos.
Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 24 23:38
To answer your question AFOL, I have idea to use transparent plastic box in dimensions of 33x19x12cm or smaller eventually. I have like 1L of percholrate, so it should be enough to make couple of cm layer in height to fill it up with bricks. I just put the lamp on the top and leave it. I am curious myslef how will it work, but it is the best idea I have so far ;)

Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 25 21:36
Ive got the package today and prepared it all! Unfortunatelly, I've got only half liter of perchlorate, but it was enough to make 3-4cm layer on the bottom of the box. Got it all assembled and working :) I am waiting for results!
Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 26 21:58
Hi all.
So today I set glass vessel with police hull inside. What I made is I sealed front hull holes and I flooded all just inside. Will keep you posted about results. Here you can check sunken hull :-)
Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 27 00:24
Nice idea, it should work just as good :)
Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 27 09:38
Interesting, how is it expensive such an a aquarium lamp?
You should be careful with printed parts, and even more with stickered parts, as these usually don't like water, which is as much agressive as hydrogene peroxyde.i
If I worried about hte black hull,n it was because I've expoerienced undesired whitening on blue parts, as it's a darker color, I made a link. Don't forget to reuse your paroxyde hydregene, as it's expensive and can be reused for some further bathes.

I will actively follow this topic!
Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 27 10:12
After about 12h...
Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 27 14:13
Hah, nice effect AFOL BS! I have noticed, that UV lamp speeds up the whitening. My ver yellow slope 4x3 is almost white in 24h. If UV lamp will make it premanent, we are in home. Everything indicates, it will be permanent as you mention about your previous whitening with 30% hydrogene peroxide and UV.

@Evans, UV tube lamp costs the same amount as normal tube lamp. AFAIK, every lamp is UV at the begnining and they need to add special ingredient to make it less radiant and more friendly to people. I have paid 25EUR for all, where most of this was the starter. Tube lamp itself cost around 4 EUR. It is small 29cm lamp, T5 type with 8W power. You should find something similar available in France Evans too, I think. No need to dismantle anything in this case :)
I do not put any stickered parts into this process of whitening. Finally, I can just take out the sticker and then put it in. When it comes to parts with printings, there is no problem at all. I had never got a problem with any of them. Printings must be good quality as everything in LEGO :)
Klasyka LEGO
2018, sty 27 14:32
After 24h I have checked the bricks and I've got surprised. Half of that time the bricks were exposed to UV light. I was scared to leave the house alone with this assembly turned on :) Especially, that starter and lamp generates some heat. Even though, most of the bricks are nicely whitened! The best example is the slope 4x3, which was almost dark yellow at the front. Previously, I had to sunk such element for over 72h in hydrogene peroxide alone to make some effect. UV lamp definitely speeds up the process. I hope it will be permanent, but we will know it in my case after couple of months...
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