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Klasyka LEGO: LEGO 6377 Delivery Center - Delivery Center
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Klasyka LEGO
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Klasyka LEGO
In a City, goods must be transported from warehouses to companies ans shops. This set is perfect to show how the chain works. This is the second cargo center made by Lego, after LEGO-6391 released the year before. It's odd to release two of the same buildings two years next to next, they were even displayen in the same time on US catalogs. This one is particular is it does not stand on a baseplate. This is the smallest of such buildings, as 1998 LEGO-6330 stands on two 16x16 baseplates. If we count the just released City set LEGO-60169 ,
the first of the modern-era cargo center, there were only 4 of such buildings.
Klasyka LEGO
Źródło: 1985us.pdf Katalog 1985 US: Strona 14 i 15
Because of this set was made in 1985, it has one of the new planes included. It has some exclusive parts like the blue plane motors and the tail part. So we can believe that it can be combined, or at least, placed near the LEGO-6392 airport.
There are 4 minifigures included, three blue overall workers and a plane pilot.

LEGO Classic
Box - French sticker
My set is a French one, it's very odd as this set is known to be US-only. But I bought it to a man who had almost all the 80's and early 90's range of Town sets  from his childhood (all boxed), so maybe he had contacts with someone in Chartres, the French Lego HQ. The proof of this is that the box have european markings (so no "Town system" written in the Legoland stripe and no ages nor part count indicated) and it has the sticker that every French set had that says that this toy is safe and law-abiding.

The building

LEGO Classic
Building - Front view, full
The building is a simple warehouse in which there is an office. This office has an exclusive part: the red 2x2 slope with a computer printed on it. The building also have a storage area, with a large train door to unload easily trucks, and a skylight. This building is typical of mid-80's Lego Town, with its 6-pane door and a color scheme used on other buildings. An interesting fact is that this set sticker sheet is the same used in 1984 Cargo center, but all of them are used, contrarly to  the older set.

The vehicles

There are three vehicles in this set. A small van, a forklift and a plane.

The forklift have a blue and white livery. It has a simple design. There is an evolution compared to its predessor from 6391, it has a roof, so it gives the impression that the build is more finished, more evolved. It can transport two pallets, so we can believe that it can carry up to 8 boxes.

The van is an exact copy of LEGO-6624 one from 1983. The only difference is the livery. It have the same one as the forklift. It has a rather low capacity of 4 boxex that can be transported.

The plane is the most interesting part of the set. It's included in this set as it's in 1985 that modern Lego planes were released, with their bunch of specific parts. It has two uique parts, the blue printed tail part that only appeared in blue in this set, ant the blue plane engines, that also only appeared in this set. So it would be hard to assemble this set with only basic bulk. It can carry up to 13 crates, so it has a high capacity. It's a cargo plane, the only one released in the 80's. We can quote LEGO-6375 Trans Air Carrier from 1990 that is another cargo plane.
LEGO Classic
Vehicles - General view

So this set is well furnished in vehicles, and those are quality vehicles, espicially the plane. But we could add LEGO-6367 semi-trailer from 1984 that have the same livery as the vehicles included in this set, so it's possible to think that it can be placed together with the rest of the set.

Alternative constructions

There are many alternative constructions for this set. There is an alternative cargo center, an interesting oil rig with helipad, a race , fuel pumps with a plane and a tank truck, a café and another oil rig without helipad.

LEGO Classic
The scenery is situated in 1985. We can notice LEGO-1966 garage (unoriginal set) with a modified (longer) trailer, LEGO-6689 Post station, LEGO-6683 Burger stand, LEGO-6627 convertible and LEGO-6684 Police patrol squad. We can't forget Bill and Mary, LEGO-6000 's heroes that are also present.
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